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Although a multi-sectoral response is needed to improve the delivery of health care in Guyana, there is still need for individuals to take responsibility for their own health. This notion was recently emphasised byThe GBCHA breakfast meeting in session.Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton.Norton said, “It begins with each of us making a change, taking responsibility…”The Minister, who was at the time speaking at a Breakfast Meeting hosted by the Guyana Business Coalition on Health Awareness at Cara Lodge, Georgetown, reminded that Guyana’s environment provided opportunities for exercise which is vital in preventing and managing chronic illnesses.He commended the GBCHA for its efforts to increase health awareness and stressed the importance of maintaining good physical and mental during the meeting attended by developmental partners and business leaders.The event was held under the theme “Our health, Our Business,” and those in attendance included Chairman of the Private Sector Commission,cheap jerseys from china, Major Ret’d Norman McLean; Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Social Protection, Ms. Lorene Baird; Chargé d’ Affaires of the United States Embassy, Mr Bryan Hunt; PAHO/WHO’s Dr. William Adu-Krow and Dr. Martin Odiit of UNAIDS.The forum was also attended by Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin. He also endorsed the work of the GBCHA in promoting health and wellness in the work place. He recognized the Business Coalition’s effort in the fight against HIV/AIDS.He highlighted the importance of balancing good health in creating a “good life” and reminded of the old adage, “prevention is better than cure” in discussing the importance of health awareness.Minister Gaskin also pointed out that a healthy workforce was important to businesses and echoed the need of all stakeholders to be involved in improving health. The Minister also highlighted the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics on life expectancy in Guyana, males 64 years and female 71 years, and asked the gathering to be mindful of these and other critical data which would guide their response.Guyana Business Coalition on Health Awareness (GBCHA) formerly the Guyana Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS was launched in May 2008 with the support of the Ministry of Health, USAID/GHARP, the Global Business Coalition and other partners to mobilize support from the business sector in response to HIV and AIDS.Last year April, GBCHA formally expanded its mandate to increase the response to other chronic illnesses, domestic violence and mental health and amended its name to reflect same based on calls locally and internationally for greater collective action from the private sector with regards to health.Guyana Business Coalition partners with government agencies, international partners,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and community-based organizations to improve health literacy in Guyana. Executive Director of GBCHA Ms. Suzanne French stated that the meeting was “an opportunity to assemble members, non-members,wholesale nfl jerseys, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to reflect on civil society’s investment -specifically the collective action of GBCHA’s private sector members- in the response to health in Guyana… and call for increased involvement from the Business Sector in the health response.”French highlighted some of the recent achievements of the GBCHA which included work conducted within the Coalition’s member companies, through support from its members, the Ministries of Public Health and Social Protection and Help and Shelter.Among these she disclosed were Peer Educator Sessions where 93 employees of organizations from Regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and 10 were trained as Peer Educators to share knowledge and resources in their workplaces and communities.GBCHA also facilitated awareness sessions that reached over 400 persons through health awareness sessions at workplaces on HIV and other STIs, prostate and breast cancer,Authentic Jerseys From China, nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, suicide, mental health and domestic violence. Resource Distribution has also been an undertaking of the Coalition.This translated to the dissemination of materials to members such as brochures, flyers,Cheap Hockey Jerseys 2019, posters, condoms, lubricants, etc. GBCHA also catered to technical assistance by supporting organisations during planning of health fairs,Sale NFL Jerseys, awareness walks, and workplace health awareness sessions.  Persons have also been able to benefit from confidential HIV counselling and testing and at no cost from GBCHA’s testing site and at workplaces of companies. It has also been involved in case navigation and other referrals.

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