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作者: yueyrt1LqW    時間: 2018-3-14 03:11     標題: Cheap Jerseys China Alana Angel

Alana Angel,Wholesale China Jerseys, 22,NFL Jerseys Cheap, of Lot 39 Arapaima Avenue,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Guyhoc Park,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, who was intercepted on October 5, last with 458 grams of cocaine and half a gram of cannabis in her luggage,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, was on Tuesday sentenced to three years in jail and fined a total of $2.7M by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo after she was found guilty in the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s court.She was fined an additional $6,000 or three weeks in jail on the marijuana charge.The case for the prosecution was that on the day in question Angel was intercepted during a road block at Palmyra, not far from the Berbice River Bridge, East Coast Berbice while she was a passenger of motorcar PPP7192 which was heading to the Corentyne.A number of other persons were in the car .The passengers, along with their possessions, were subsequently searched and the illegal substance was unearthed in the defendant’s bag.Police reportedly unearthed the cocaine from one of two bags that Angel had hidden between her legs.The woman had told investigators that she had boarded the car driven by one Buju at the Berbice Car Park in Georgetown at around 06:05 hrs. She was heading to No 53 Village, Corentyne.There were four persons in the back seat. She had a black plastic bag containing her shoes and a hand bag containing her clothes and other belongings.The drugs,NFL Jerseys From China, 458 grams of cocaine and half a gram of cannabis were found in one of the bags.After the substances were found, the woman was escorted to the Central Police Station and charged. She pleaded not guilty.She had made an unsuccessful appeal in the High Court for bail.Attorneys- at- Law James Bond and Charrandass Persaud had previously appeared on her behalf.

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