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“Some skulduggery going on” — KN Publisher One day after questions were raised over millions of dollars being spent by the Government InformationKwame McCoyAgency (GINA) to produce a newspaper for circulation in New York, the state-owned entity remained silent on the cost.Instead, GINA set about to deflect the issue by accusing Kaieteur News of telling lies.Over the weekend, Leader of Alliance of Change (AFC),Wholesale Jerseys USA, Khemraj Ramjattan, raised questions over the publication of “The Guyanese”, a fortnightly newspaper that is prepared by GINA.Ramjattan said the taxpayers are made to pay for a newspaper that carries nothing but criticisms of the Opposition.He also raised questions over spendings by GINA’s head, Neaz Subhan, and director,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Kwame McCoy. This cost was put at almost $2M every fortnight for 5,NFL Jerseys Discount,000 copies of the newspaper printed in New York.Ramjattan vowed to launch an investigation into reports that GINA and Government spent up to $250M to start up the newspaper.Yesterday, GINA again refused to disclose costs. It insisted that the newspaper is a developmental-oriented one.“GINA wishes to forthrightly state that such pronouncements are glaring examples of the Kaieteur News’ proclivity to engage in sensationalism, to deliberately misinform and to publish falsehoods.”All GINA would say is that it rejects the Kaieteur News’ mischievous assertion with regards to the sum spent on “The Guyanese” newspaper, and is not unmindful of the numerous inaccuracies contained in the article inGINA has danced around questions over the costs of printing a fortnightly newspaper in New York.question.“The Kaieteur News should be reminded that GINA has a mandate to provide information pertinent to Government’s programmes and policies to all Guyanese.“Since its establishment,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, GINA has been producing literature, including local newspapers, for free distribution as part of its mandate. These publications remain in demand.”GINA said that it was only last October that it launched a new developmental-oriented magazine, of the same name, “The Guyanese”.“This in-flight magazine is produced with all Guyanese in mind, including those in the Diaspora.”With regards to “The Guyanese” newspaper, GINA wishes to state that its production is within its mandate and funded from the agency’s budget.Yesterday,NFL Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, said that GINA’s statement is no surprise.“It should also not surprise Guyana. It has become a norm that started way back under the Bharrat Jagdeo administration. Instead of addressing the message, his policy was to attack the messenger.”With regards to GINA’s statements that Kaieteur News is threatened by the new newspaper, Lall made it clear that there are no threats.“The newspaper is hardly visible and poses no threat for the advertising dollar.“The nation needs to know the costs. How much are they spending on the newspaper? They did not address that. It can be concluded that by sidestepping the issue,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, there is some skulduggery going on.”Lall said that if Neaz Subhan can prove that GINA prints 5,000 copies, why not declare the cost?Reacting to the success of the New York edition of Kaieteur News, GINA said that the diaspora has been subjected to lies, half-truths and innuendos published in the Kaieteur News.The truth is that the New York edition contains the same news published in Guyana. The paper is the most sought after, and it has been in New York for 17 years and is the leading Caribbean newspaper.“GINA also wishes to note that given the scandalous nature of the Kaieteur News’ article in question and the wanton attack on two government officials, it has sought the advice of its lawyers.”

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