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Emotions can be stretched from grief to anger and rage especially at the occurrence of injustice. This was the sentiments shared by the families of three young children who died while seeking medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) and Plaisance Health Centre.Yesterday the mothers of four-year-old Jayden Mars, and three year old Akeela Benons, , with the support of family members staged a protest outside the Ministry of Health,Cheap Jerseys, Brickdam.The protest came days after the perceived injustice meted out to the parents of the latest victim, Kevon Critchlow, who died less than 24 hours after he was said to have been given a wrong injection at the Plaisance Health Centre. The child’s father, Kevin Critchlow, was charged for threatening nurses who he deemed culpable for the death of his child. The man has since maintained his innocence.His action was understandable as social activist and leader of the Independent Party, Mark Benschop, said that he sympathizes with the family now that an extra hurt has been engraved.He says that the father being charged shows how one-sided the justice system is. He continued by saying that “one can understand the frustration of the father.”“When a don’t care a damn attitude is showed in such a case, people will react, it will cause people to behave in such a manner.” He made clarity that he was not confirming that the allegations were true, but he explained that if it was the truth,China NFL Jerseys, placing himself in the father’s shoes he could understand.He further reiterated the prevalence of negligence by the health sector, which are continuously being looked over.At the protest yesterday, Althea Benons, the young grief stricken mother of Akeela Benons, fought to hold back the tears. Pain was conveyed in the young woman’s face and voice that only another mother like Natalie Caseley and Suemede Critchlow could understand.After a struggle to regain her composure, the grieving young woman said, “I have been trying really hard because she was my first and only child. I don’t know what to say and how to say it; I’m now feeling how my mom was feeling when she lost my elder sister.”The young woman has expressed fear of conceiving in the near future as confidence in the caregivers at health facilities seems to have declined. The 20-year-old disclosed “I am feeling hurt, I feel alone, I feeling really cut up inside. The death of my child has cut me so deep; as she met her demise at such an early age.”The child’s grandmother interjected. “Not everyone could afford to go to a private hospital. I had the money but it was just a fever and I thought that they could have handled that. I never expected for them to kill her” said the remorseful older Benons.The woman who played the role of a mother to the child, Anica Benons was angry as she claimed that the hospital knew exactly what they did to her niece as they declared that they will have a post mortem done even before the child had died. The woman’s anger was further triggered when she claimed the doctors informed her that the child will die, then gave up efforts to save the child’s life. “Who tells a family that their loved one will die?”Natalie Caseley, said, “It’s not justice for Jayden Mars, it’s now for Jayden Mars and Akeela Benons, who suffered similar fates. I’m sure when a lot of people, including this family right here, never thought that they would have been standing in my place, feeling similar pains to my pain.”“I want to know how long more,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, or what will it take for the Minister of Health to understand that this is not just a one person’s plight.”“It would be understandable if the mistake was made every other year but every week and month is way too much for such reoccurrence.”After following all the necessary avenues needed to be followed, more than a year after the mother is still awaiting justice for her son,Alejandro Gomez Jersey, as no doctor was ever reprimanded or suspended.Last month Critchlow died less than 24 hours after being injected by a nurse at the Plaisance health centre. Although the preliminary post mortem indicated that the child died of brain haemorrhage the family maintains that he was given a wrong injection.Two weeks earlier Akeela Benson died after she visited Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) with a fever. The post mortem (PM) results showed that the child died from three pre-existing conditions: Septic Shock,Cheap Jerseys, Bronchopneumonia and a Brain Abscess.In December 2013, Jaden Mars died as a result of being given an overdose of anesthetic,Authentic Jerseys From China, after he was rushed to the facility with a cut on his tongue.

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